Cobble Hill Health Center department heads are busy people. After all they spend their days caring for over 300 frail patients. Nevertheless, they always jump (o.k. hop lightly) at the chance to go out into the community and meet seniors from around the area.

Director of Social Work, Rob Herel, visited the Maria Lawton Senior Center, at 400 Hart St. to speak to almost 30 seniors about how to prevent the potentially harmful effects of hot weather—a timely topic given our recent heat wave extraordinaire. Rob was accompanied by his social work intern and summer volunteer, Denise Francis.

Both took turns educating the seniors about how to avoid being felled by the heat, covering everything from warning about the potential health risks of being out in extremely hot weather to suggestions about what foods were hydrating and advice about summer travelling (remember to pack all your medications and bring along a list). The seniors were appreciative and engaged in the discussion. “We really enjoyed the interaction with the audience,” Rob says. “It was gratifying to be able to share information and see how much they valued our coming out to talk to them.”

This is Rob’s third presentation at a senior center and he says it’s always an uplifting experience. “Each environment and audience is different and it’s very interesting to get to know the members of our community. Cobble Hill LifeCare is all about reaching the people that need us wherever they are. I feel I’m playing a role in that outreach.”