Notice of Privacy Practice

The Center respects the confidentiality of medical information and will protect that information in a responsible manner. We have a comprehensive privacy program in place that meets the requirement of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPA) Privacy Regulations, the government legislation that sets standards for the privacy of medical information.

The Center will follow all privacy laws to which we are subject that do not conflict with the HIPPA Privacy Regulations. However, if a State privacy law conflicts with the HIPPA Privacy Regulations yet provided greater privacy rights or protections that the HIPPA Privacy Regulations, we will follow that state law.

We must follow the privacy practices that are described in our “Notice of Privacy Practice” while it is in effect. We reserve the right to change our privacy practices and the terms of the notice at any time, as long as the changes are permitted by law. Before we make a significant change to our privacy practices, we will change our “Privacy Practices Notice” and it will be made available to Residents or Designated Representatives upon request. This new notice will be effective for all medical information that we maintain, including medical information e created or received before the changes were made.

Additionally, the Center is required by law to maintain the privacy of a Resident’s protected health information and to give the Resident or the Resident’s Designated Representative, at the time of admission or shortly thereafter, our “Notice of Privacy Practices” which address the Resident’s rights, our privacy practices and legal duties concerning a Resident’s protected health information.

Therefore, effective April 14, 2003 the Resident or the Resident’s Designated Representative will receive a copy f the attached “Notice of Privacy Practices” at the time of admission or shortly thereafter. The “Notice of Privacy Practices” will be explained to the Resident/Designated Representative by the Admission Coordinator and a signature as proof of receipt of same, will be obtained.