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Dear Extended Cobble Hill Family,

As we’ve shared with you in several previous communications, we have a very proactive and robust covid testing program in place for both residents and staff to alert us at the first possible instance of a new infection.  This communication is to let you know that results from our latest round of serial testing have identified one resident and one staff that tested positive. We immediately moved that resident to our covid quarantine unit and away from all other residents.  The unit the resident had been on is being watched very carefully and quarantined as well in the event others test positive.  So far none have.  The staff member was removed from the schedule and is quarantining at home.

It’s no secret that covid is still very much around and our first line of defense to prevent it from taking hold in our building is social distancing, PPE and frequent testing.

While I’m certainly not happy if even one resident or staff contracts the virus, I am happy that our systems are as proactive and effective as they are to identify them early and minimize spread.

As a result of this new positive case, we unfortunately have to suspect backyard visitation for the next two weeks as is required of us by the NYS Department of Health.  During this time, we will revert back to “through the gate” individual visits.  Should you wish to schedule a visit, please reach out to:

Christina Santos (Director of Therapeutic Recreation) – (718) 855-6789 ext. 138

Elain Gay (Assistant Director of Therapeutic Recreation) – (718) 855-6789 ext. 139

I would also like to note that we have seen instances of false positive results and if it is determined by Quest Diagnostics (our lab) that any of these cases were indeed false positives, we will reopen visitation sooner.

As always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns.  Our covid hotline is (718) 247-1153.  We will continue to update you should any new cases develop.


Donny Tuchman