Dear Neighbor:

We Need Your Help.

You can make a difference to the lives of some 350 people, neighbors, friends, and possibly even family members, who are counting on you for help.

They are the frail and elderly… and people with Alzheimer’s who are patients at Cobble Hill Health Center, located at 380 Henry St.

We provide them with top quality care and a lot of needed attention. But we would like to do more…a lot more, when it comes to programs and activities that help our patients enjoy life.

We’d like to expand our Horticulture Program so more patients can participate. And, we wish we had more resources for our Adopt-a-Grandparent program.

If we had the funding, we could purchase more Ipods for our Music and Memory program… … and pay for transportation so more of our patients could visit the museum or Brooklyn Bridge Park.

These may sound like small, simple things. But to our patients, these are the things that get them through the day…that make them feel life is no longer passing them by.

Many of our patients have no friends or family to visit them. They don’t have much money. Sounds lonely doesn’t it?

You or I may take these kinds of things for granted. But I assure you, our residents look forward to these activities. We’d like to help as many of our patients as we can. Will you help us give the gift of a more joyous life to more people?

You’ll make an incredible difference for people, who in many cases, the world has forgotten. You will bring joy and excitement back into their lives.

You can help us put a smile on our patients’ faces. I’m asking you today to please give what you can.

Donny Tuchman
CEO Cobble Hill LifeCare

P.S. Will you please put a smile on our patients’ faces with a gift today? Thank you!

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