Typical Elder Care Questions & Concerns

Many people tell us how difficult and emotional the decision can be to place a loved one in a nursing home. They wish they knew what questions to ask and where to go for answers when their family initially faced this issue. The following information may be of assistance in the search for quality elder care and may help you make the decision that Cobble Health Center is the right place for your loved one.

How do I determine whether a facility is a good nursing home?
Visit the facility to form your own opinion. Ask questions, express your concerns and observe what you smell, hear and see. The way staff responds to your inquiries will give you clues as to how they treat residents.

Who should I talk to at Cobble Hill?
Ask for the admissions director, social worker, director of nursing or administrator.

How do I determine which factors are the most important in making my decision?
Basic concerns like the quality of care, how a facility looks and smells, friendliness of staff, watching how employees interact with residents, cleanliness of floors and quality of the food served are several indicators. Any one of these that appears to be lacking is a red flag.

Does it matter if additional services and amenities are offered at a skilled nursing facility?
Usually, the more that’s available the better, but not as a replacement for performing the basics well. A facility by itself can be high quality, however, additional services beyond nursing home care are a plus.

What additional services and amenities does Cobble Hill offer?
A concierge program, cardiac rehabilitation therapy, beautician, yoga classes, pet therapy, intergenerational programs and more.

Is Cobble Hill Health Center a voluntary non-profit?
Yes. It is run by a longstanding Board of Directors who are prominent members of the local community. They are involved in all major decisions.

Who will let me know if insurance will pay for Cobble Hill’s services?
When you make a highly important decision like this gather all income and expenses information so the admissions director can help you determine whether insurance or Medicaid will pay for services.

What’s different about Cobble Hill?
Whatever choice you make, you need to look for positive signs to help you in the decision-making process. At Cobble Hill, we are proud of our low staff turnover, progressive programs, a good staff to resident ratio, active residents and a caring, loving environment. Taking a tour of our facility and asking any type of question you feel is appropriate are good ways for you to allay your doubts or concerns.

What kind of care is best for my family member?
Only you, your family member and their physician can answer that. However, talk with family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and people whose opinion you trust to gain their experience. Check out our web site and carefully read our brochures. Ask for admission information.

What would make me feel that Cobble Hill is the best place for my loved one?
Resident centered care plans involving residents and family members
Intergenerational programming
Friendly, clean, comfortable and attractive environment
Numerous innovative programs and services
Leadership team with over 100 years of combined management long-term care expertise
Low staff turnover and high retention
Situated in a beautiful, landmarked building amid a tree lined residential neighborhood.
Completely sprinkled and fire resistive construction
Frequent conferences with residents and their family members
Family atmosphere

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