Your home, your culture.

We’ve created our own little neighborhood. Come for a visit and you’ll see how you can fit right in. Our staff comes from the communities we serve. They understand your culture and observe many of your traditions.

  • Programs and activities that reflect your heritage
  • Ethnic cuisine and a range of meal choices
  • Commitment to meaningful religious rituals and devotions
  • Celebration of holidays and occasions in a way that makes you feel at home

Our recreational staff focuses on the positive.

Listen to a local musician performing in our bright and cheerful recreation room. Hit a home run on our Wii. Groove to the customized music on your personal iPod. Check your email on the computer. Watch a movie on your iPad.

You will be engaged, interested, and socially stimulated at Cobble Hill Health Center. Recreational programming is designed for people of all ages, interests, and capabilities.

Outstanding & Dedicated Volunteers

Our volunteer program is recognized as among the best in the city, with people of all ages and from all walks of life providing assistance. This lends a unique sense of mission and joy to our activities and makes us a vital part of the community.

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