October 30, 2020

Dear Extended Cobble Hill LifeCare Family,

Late yesterday we were notified that a staff member’s COVID test came back positive.  The staff member is asymptomatic and has had no known exposure.  We have requested that the lab re-run the test to rule out a false positive.

In the meantime, the two units that the staff member had worked in are being quarantined and the staff member will remain home until the results are verified.

Although we are grateful that our efforts to prevent any spread of the virus have been successful, we know how difficult the frequent quarantining of units is on our residents and families.  We appreciate everyone’s understanding and cooperation as we work hard to protect our residents and staff.

In other news, I’m super excited to share that we have recruited a new culinary team to our organization.  Under Director Pat Slinger’s leadership, Chefs Richard, Ray, and Herbert along with the rest of the dietary team are off to a fantastic start and have already made a tremendous impact on the quality of our residents’ dining experience.  We even did a virtual soup cooking demonstration this week along with unit based tastings!  Looking forward to sharing other great news with you in the near future.

Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to call our COVID-19 Information Hotline at (718) 247-1153 or send us an email.


Donny Tuchman

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Brooklyn, NY 11201
Tel: (718) 855 – 6789 x 177
Fax: (718) 247-5285