Alzheimer’s Special Care Unit

For over a decade, the Cobble Hill Health Center has led the way in caring for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease. Our comprehensive approach includes program development, research, training, community-based care and caregiver support. We have received the “Best Practices” award and have been recognized by numerous state and national associations. Staff members are specially trained to ensure residents’ comfort and offer increased support to family and friends as the disease progresses, through our palliative care program.

Alzheimer’s Disease Program

People with Alzheimer’s disease benefit from stimulation and individualized care. At the Cobble Hill Health Center, we address the varied needs and interests of residents with Alzheimer’s disease by offering a range of programs. There is no cure for this chronically disabling disease – but people can continue to enjoy life that has meaning at Cobble Hill Health Center.

Residents are engaged in conversation, participate in small-group programs. On a typical day, residents assist in preparing meals, listen to music or play board games. Specially trained staff are available all day interacting with residents and meeting the participants’ diverse social, physical and emotional needs.

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Love That Lasts

The best program is only as good as the staff that makes it work. At Cobble Hill, our interdisciplinary staff is professional and compassionate. They are committed to delivering excellent care, and they do! Many of our nurses and nursing assistants have worked at Cobble Hill for over 20 years which fosters a team effort. They know each resident, and how that resident changes over the months and years; it’s reflected in their personalized approach. Increasingly diverse cultures require that staff members speak more than one language, (Spanish, French, Russian, Romanian) and are familiar with a wide range of customs, cuisines and continents.

Caring For Caregivers

At Cobble Hill’s Admissions Department you’ll find caring professionals to assist you during this stressful time. Whether it’s arranging a tour of our program or providing you with financial and insurance information, our trained staff will make things go smoothly.

“Concierge Care”

To make the transition from home to facility smooth, our concierges — experienced staff members trained to provide personal, one on one support during the first few weeks following admission —ensure that residents are adjusting well to their new environment and that issues are addressed in a timely manner. Throughout the year, educational seminars and special events for caregivers address questions and concerns.

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