Dear Extended Cobble Hill LifeCare Family,

This morning we were informed of five additional employees and nine residents from 5B and 4B that tested positive for COVID-19. These employees were immediately taken off schedule and placed on quarantine.

Given the nature of our 5B and 4B populations and our experience back in April 2020, we don’t believe it is feasible or in the residents’ best interest to move residents with dementia to a different location in the building. Especially given the fact that they have all been already exposed to each other. We will do whatever we can to minimize spread on those units. If there is a situation where we feel a move is possible and in the resident’s best interest, we certainly will.

We have been and will continue to be as transparent and communicative with you as possible. We unfortunately do expect the number of staff and residents testing positive to increase just as it is in the community.

We can well understand how disheartening this might be to hear. Our Staff is attempting to provide your loved one’s with the best care possible under very trying circumstances. Your loved one’s safety is our highest priority.

With exposures throughout our building we encourage you to visit with your residents virtually. Please let us know if you would like a video visit or to speak with your resident by phone. If, however, you do choose to visit your loved one in person, we will now require you to take a rapid COVID test on-site when you arrive. Please be patient as this takes time and we are working hard with fewer staff.

Please also know that visiting in person will also place you at risk. You will likely be exposed during your visit.
We are of course not happy to share this news with you and understand how upsetting it is to hear.

If you have any specific questions or concerns about this, I encourage you to reach out to us via the COVID hotline at (718) 247-1153 or email us at

Thank you for working with us and our staff during this difficult time.

Thank you.

Stephanie Zevon
Director of Social Work