Dear Extended Cobble Hill Family,

Late Friday we were informed that a newly admitted resident had been exposed to COVID in the hospital.  We immediately moved him/her to a seperate area in the building away from other residents in case he/she ended up testing positive as well.

Unfortunately, we learned yesterday that he/she did test positive for COVID.  That resident was moved to our covid only unit and the unit that resident had been originally admitted to was placed on quarantine for 14 days.  Staff on our quarantine units wear PPE when providing care for all residents and adhere to our strict infection control procedures.

It’s important to note that all new admissions require a negative COVID test to be admitted.  We are grateful that our hospital partner was able to quickly notify us that our resident’s roommate had turned COVID positive so we could quickly isolate our resident.  This reinforces the need for wide collaboration amongst healthcare providers to protect as many people as possible.

As a result of this new case, visitation will remain through our gate until further notice.

I will of course update you should we see any additional cases.  Should you have any questions about this, please feel free to call our COVID-19 Information Hotline at (718) 247-1153 or send us an email.


Donny Tuchman

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Brooklyn, NY 11201
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