To the family members of our residents at Cobble Hill Health Center,


As part of our ongoing efforts to put our resident’s health and safety first, we are implementing several new policies and procedures to minimize any potential exposure of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) here at Cobble Hill Health Center. COVID-19 is a virus that can cause serious respiratory illness in people, especially in the elderly and those with multiple medical conditions and/or a compromised immune system. Given our population of residents here at CHHC, and the spread of this virus here in New York, we must take every precaution to avoid possible transmission of this disease. 


Unfortunately, part of these measures must include restricting ALL visitation at this time and until further notice. This includes all outside food delivery. Exceptions to this visitation restriction will be made on a case by case basis. At this time, permitted visitors will be limited to our end of life residents. These visitors will be screened on entrance to the facility and required to follow strict infection control protocol.


In addition to restricting visitation at this time, we must also terminate all “Out On Pass” orders for our current residents to minimize any potential community exposure. 


All residents with new respiratory symptoms should report them immediately to any staff and they may be subject to isolation precautions to avoid potential spread of any infection within the facility. All staff members will be screened daily for any signs/symptoms of infection. 


All outside appointments, in-house laboratory and imaging tests, and consultation visits will be limited to URGENT only. All large gatherings including several recreation events will be temporarily cancelled at this time. 


We understand that these new changes may cause you distress and you may feel anxious and scared. We encourage you to reach out to the staff here at CHHC for support during this time. We are here to help! We have developed a COVID-19 hotline open to all to call with any questions, comments or concerns and these will be addressed daily. We will also be updating the Cobble Hill Health Center Website as often as necessary with any changes.


This is a rapidly evolving situation and we will be updating our action plans with the help of the Department of Health and the CDC as time goes on and continue to keep you informed.


We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. 



COVID-19 HOTLINE: (718) 247-1153