COVID Update to Families of Cobble Hill Health Center

Dear extended Cobble Hill Health Center Family,

I want to give you an update on our COVID-19 prevention efforts.  I can’t over emphasize how fluid this situation is. Our leadership team is working around the clock to ensure we are implementing all CDC and DOH recommendations to keep everyone safe.  To date, we’ve implemented among others the following preventive measures:

  • All visitation has been stopped with the exception of patients who are end of life.  Even in those situations, we will unfortunately have to place extreme limitations on visitors.  Only 2 visitors at a time will be permitted to visit at the bedside only and for a short amount of time.  No children under 18 may visit under any circumstances.  
  • Every individual entering the building (staff and approved visitors) must be screened for any signs of illness.   The screen consists of a short health questionnaire and a temperature check.  
  • Everyone entering the building must wear a mask.
  • Resident out on pass orders have been terminated.  This is to reduce community exposure of residents coming back into the building. 
  • All large gatherings have been stopped.  
  • All new admissions are being cohorted on one half of a unit.  
  • We will be starting to limit residents from leaving their units. 
  • Rehab will primarily be provided individually and on a resident’s unit. 
  • All non-essential medical appointments both inside and out of the building are being cancelled.  
  • Effort to create distance between residents and other residents, residents and staff, staff and staff is being attempted.  The goal is to minimize the ability of COVID-19 to be transmitted from one person to another.  
  • Frequent surface sanitizing is being done throughout the day.  Special attention is being given to high traffic surfaces (ie: handrails, elevator buttons, phones, door knobs, light switches etc…).  We have formed a special environmental services task force who in addition to regular staff are going through the building wiping surfaces down with bleach.  
  • While all of this is happening, we are attempting to keep everyone’s spirits up.  We are working on modifying our recreational offerings to keep residents engaged while at the same time safeguarding everyone’s health. 
  • We hope to open remote video visits this week.  New equipment should arrive any day. Please stay tuned for further details.   

Please remember that our COVID-19 hotline is open for any questions, concerns or suggestions.  718 247-1153. Alternatively, emails could be sent to

We understand the difficulty of this situation on all involved and are doing our best to optimally serve everyone.  Thank you for the confidence you’ve placed in us.  

Warmest regards,

Donny Tuchman