September 4, 2020

Dear Extended Cobble Hill Family,

I’m happy to report that over the past few weeks we have arranged for close to 150 family visits through the gate in our backyard.  While we fully acknowledge this is far from ideal, we’re grateful for the positive feedback and the wonderful visits you’ve had with your loved ones. As a reminder, anyone wishing to schedule such a visit should reach out to:

Christina Santos, Director of Therapeutic Recreation: (718) 855-6789 ext. 138

Elain Gay, Assistant Director of Therapeutic Recreation: (718) 855-6789 ext. 139

In the hopeful event that we don’t have any new cases beforehand, we are looking to reopen visitation in our backyard during the week of September 20th.  More details will be forthcoming.

In addition, in light of the ongoing pandemic and shifting needs, we’ve had to make some staffing adjustments. Thus, a new schedule will go into effect next week.  Although our PAR levels remain unchanged, we’ve had to adjust some staff assignments.  This means that some residents will have new nurses or CNAs caring for them.  We will do our best to make these transitions as warm and smooth as possible.  Any residents affected will be introduced to their new caregivers and effort will be made to help the new caregivers get quickly up to speed on residents’ preferences.  We will also be reaching out to family members with information on the new caregivers.

As always, if you have any concerns or suggestions,  feel free to contact our hotline (718) 247-1153, or email us at  We will respond quickly to both phone and email messages.

Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

Donny Tuchman