In a heartfelt Google review, Nitza Perez shares her brother’s inspiring journey at Cobble Hill Health Center. After facing hurdles in hospitals and other facilities, their family found solace, progress, and newfound joy within our center’s supportive embrace.

Nitza’s family had navigated a maze of obstacles during her brother’s illness. But they found a heartening change when they arrived at Cobble Hill Health Center. “Everyone, and I truly mean everyone, has been a pleasure to deal with. From the welcoming at the main entrance, to the kitchen staff,” she shares in her review.

Nitza also praises the unwavering dedication of our nurses, speech therapist, and physical therapist, who played an integral role in her brother’s recovery.

The resulting progress was truly remarkable.

“My brother’s spirit has greatly improved because of all the encouragement and uplifting words from the staff,” Nitza writes. From regaining the ability to stand and eat to achieving significant physical milestones, her brother’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of our committed team. “What seemed so far away is now maybe just weeks away,” she adds, highlighting the significant strides achieved.

“He came in unable to stand or eat, and now he’s walking, talking, eating, drinking, and most of all, beating us all at Chinese Checkers relentlessly.”

Through these moments of victory, her words echo renewed hope and the indomitable strength of the human spirit.

This review reaffirms the remarkable impact of Cobble Hill Health Center’s dedicated staff on our residents. Every step forward is a testament to our team’s unwavering support, paving the way toward a future enriched with dignity and compassionate care for each resident.

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