Strike up the band: Ragtag Brooklyn residents serenade health care workers and residents with musical pots and pans

New York Daily News
October 10, 2020

Article by Morgan Chittum

Most days before his bedtime, young percussionist Harry, 5, can be found banging on a compost bin with two wooden sticks outside a Brooklyn nursing home, an eclectic concert of sorts to support front-line workers at the Cobble Hill Health Center.

The budding drummer is joined by a ragtag team of his Brooklyn neighbors, who have gathered since mid-April with an assortment of improvised instruments to bring a bit of noisy cheer to besieged doctors and nurses and residents.

For months, as the pandemic spread across the city, there have been in many neighborhoods a daily 7 p.m. serenade, an outpouring of support for New York’s newest heroes. But few have the flair of the “Kitchen Sink Band,” or the memorable music made by bike helmets, garden tools, stock pots and omelet pans.

“Honestly, if it were a professional band with real instruments, I don’t think it would be as special,” said Donny Tuchman, the Cobble Hill Health Center’s CEO. “This is so creative and has lifted morale for residents and staff from the beginning.”

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Photo caption: The Kitchen Sink Band gathers in front of Cobble Hill Health Center to play their eclectic instruments to thank healthcare workers. (Morgan Chittum/New York Daily News)