Super Heroes: Caring for Our Community Through the Toughest of Times

This year, we received video messages from children in the neighborhood to uplift staff members’ and residents’ spirits during the pandemic.

No matter the challenge, our super hero staff family is courageous — each member has an important job to do every day.

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Our staff may not wear capes, fly through the air, or capture the “bad guys,” but they are saving lives every day.


Our staff members make their patients feel like they can do anything.

Dashun Henry, a 32 year old patient came to Cobble Hill Health Center this year after suffering a traumatic full body injury.

“My doctors told me that I wouldn’t be able to walk again. But I have two boys, a 2- and 3-year-old, so I kept a strong mind and worked against that prediction.”

He said that our staff — he named them all — gave him the confidence and strength to get through therapy and treatment every day.

“After months of therapy, I am walking with a cane — and still working on it. It’s five star here — you are going to get treated like family.”

When you contribute, we feel your love and support, like family. Thank you for honoring our Cobble Hill Health Center Super Heroes, through your generous gift today.

These are just some of the ways we can show our gratitude:

  • $33 will buy a metro card for a week
  • $50 will buy two special meals
  • $127 will buy a 30-day metro card
  • $300 (tax deductible this year) will pay for car services for 10 tired staff members to get home
  • $500 will buy dinner for the entire floor staff

Did you know that this year only, due to the CARES Act, your charitable contributions are directly deductible off your income? Up to $300 if you take the standard deduction. Please check with your financial or tax advisor for specific details. Be sure to make your gift by December 31!

Cobble Hill Health Center / The Cobble Hill Foundation is a 501c3 not-profit-organization serving the Cobble Hill,
Brooklyn and greater NYC communities. Donations are tax deductible to extent of the law.

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