As the leaves change and the air turns crisper, we welcome the arrival of fall. It’s a season of beauty, but it also brings with it the importance of safety, especially for our beloved senior citizens. This fall, we join the nation in observing Falls Prevention Awareness Week, a crucial initiative aimed at raising awareness about the prevention of falls, mitigating fall risks, and helping older adults regain their confidence and independence.

Fall Prevention Resources

One of the key tools in our arsenal against falls is education. We invite you to explore the National Council on Aging’s insightful 6-step video guide to falls prevention. These practical steps can make a significant difference in reducing the likelihood of falls.


A Beacon of Hope and Recovery

At Cobble Hill Health Center and Your Choice at Home, we understand that sometimes, despite our best efforts, accidents can happen. That’s why our dedicated teams are here to provide support and care when you or your loved one needs it the most.

We are honored to share the story of Ms. Mogica Salgado, a Crown Heights, Brooklyn resident, who faced a challenging journey following a serious fall. She bravely recounts her experience:

“After a bad fall where I broke a few bones, I was admitted to Kings County Hospital where I stayed a few weeks. I was transferred to Cobble Hill Health Center from the hospital. I was there for two months where I got excellent care and physical therapy. It was hard but the therapists encouraged me and made me walk up and down the hallway and up steps. I felt so good when I got better and better at walking. The nurses were also excellent. They took care of me properly! I had one nursing assistant who was so good!! Unfortunately, I can’t remember her name but I do remember that she had red hair. She would bathe me and feed me and just take good care of me. I want to say also that Aron was a great nurse. I’m home now but I really appreciated the care I got at Cobble Hill Health Center.”


A Shared Commitment

During Falls Prevention Awareness Week, we reaffirm our commitment to the well-being of our older adults. Together, we can create safer environments, promote education, and ensure that our loved ones live free from the fear of falling.

Join us in spreading awareness by using these hashtags:

  • #FallsPreventionAwarenessWeek
  • #FallsPrevention
  • #AgingCare
  • #CaringForElders
  • #CobbleHillHealthCenter

Let’s make this fall a season of safety, support, and resilience for our seniors.