This beautiful testimonial from Moira Camarda of Summit Street in Brooklyn illustrates the importance of a care facility close to home…and people who care.
“My mom, Patricia Scott was transferred to Cobble Hill Health Center after a stay at Methodist hospital. Her oxygen level had dropped to the low 70’s and she needed to get back to a normal level. I had been in denial about her mental state but I realized then that she needed more care than we could provide at home.
“My mother had a Master’s in Social Work specializing in mentally ill co-addiction. When she moved into the 5th floor at Cobble Hill, she thrived. She told me once to come visit in the afternoon as she would be seeing patients in the morning. I laughed but I was so happy that she was content and feeling comfortable.
“The staff was so wonderful. John, her nurse at night, Miss Rodriguez and Winnie even kept in touch with me to see how she was doing while she was in the hospital. We became close to them all but especially to Sheri Ann, Director of Nursing. She is an angel!
“My mom participated in the wonderful activities to the extent that she could. Music, circle words and stitching were her favorites. I live near the facility and I came to visit every day with my mother-in-law who became best friends with my mother when my husband and I married.
“Cobble Hill Health Center staff helped make a difficult time easier because they cared about my mom and about us. I can’t thank them enough.”