Liza Long

From LPN to Assistant Director of Nursing, Clinical Staff Education (and other promotions in between), Liza Long, RN, leads the charge of inspiring and educating new and existing clinical staff at Cobble Hill. Liza shares that one of the best resources at Cobble Hill Health Center is each other, and everything we do is in the best interest of our resident’s care.

We are honored to have Liza, a distinguished and integral member of the Cobble Hill team, who puts her whole heart into the work she does for our residents and the community. Because of Liza, we continue to edge closer each day to achieve our vision to consistently exceed expectations and set the standard for excellence in residential and community care.

Curious to gain some perspective about life at Cobble Hill? Keep scrolling to learn what Liza had to share!

How long have you been at Cobble Hill Health Center, and how have you grown in your role?

I’ve been at Cobble Hill for 33 years! I came to Cobble Hill as a new grad LPN straight from high school and have since worked my way to RN, RN Manager, and now ADON, Staff Education. I worked my way up, not only because I was able to but because of the support I had from my colleagues, leadership, and administration. They encouraged me to take on new roles as new opportunities became available, and sometimes they saw things within me that I didn’t see within myself. 

Describe your role and how you support the organization.

I lead training and orientation and in-services that focus on sharing updated information with our staff so that everyone is aligned as new information comes out. I also lead orientation for our new Registered Nurses (new grads and experienced nurses), LPNs, CNAs, and even recently HHAs. I’m very proud to do that, where I can share things I’ve learned at Cobble Hill, and I like that the staff in orientation groups often teach me new things too. Sharing my knowledge is incredibly rewarding because I know that through my role, I am helping our residents progress and improve. 

I also work with my colleagues to reeducate our staff and our new employees to build and improve our processes and work together to be the best Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) we are.

What advice do you have for new nurses considering joining Cobble Hill?

Cobble Hill represents community for our residents, their loved ones, our dedicated staff, and our families, so it’s vital that anyone joining the organization thinks beyond their job description. Cobble Hill encourages staff to be active participants in decision-making, which gives us the ability to shine, so asking questions and having a “team player” mentality is incredibly important. I say to every nurse I give orientation to, and even nurses I already work with, that your stethoscope and pulse oximeter will not be the true tool you need to come to work with. The most important tool you need to be successful in coming to work is your heart.

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